Aeryon Labs flying robot wings to award

WATERLOO – Aeryon Labs wins the TiEQuest 2009 Award for its Aeryon Scout flying Aeryon_white124X38.jpgrobot design. Selected from over 200 entrants from 29 cities across North America, the company receives the Ontario Entrepreneurship Trophy, a cash prize and expressions of interest for $2 million in financing from VC firms. “We believe we have a great product, backed by Aeryon%20image119X64.jpga superb team and we’re ready to take our system to the next level with the support of the TiEQuest award,” says Aeryon Labs president Dave Kroetsch. Shaped like a four-leaf clover, the small (60x60 cm) computer-operated robot can take off and land vertically, and has a range of three kilometres and a maximum altitude of 500 metres. Able to operate in confined spaces, it is ideal for dense urban environments and covert applications, both indoors and outdoors, says the startup. The Aeryon Scout design was realized with support from Ontario Centres of Excellence, which provided Aeryon with research funding, business mentorship and industry connections.

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