CIRA co-sponsoring next-generation DNS software

OTTAWA – The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), responsible for operating the dot-ca internet domain, is investing $1 million over five CIRA-cropped.pngyears to develop BIND 10, the next leap forward in domain name server (DNS) software. CIRA will also contribute development resources to the project, which is led by Calif.-based Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), a producer and distributor of open source software for the Internet community. BIND 10, like its predecessors, will be open source, modular and highly scalable, providing straightforward configuration management and integration with other systems. “CIRA is committed to participating in valuable and innovative, global projects that are rooted in the public interest and that will further the evolution of DNS,” says Byron Holland, president and CEO of not-for-profit CIRA. “BIND 10 is critical to the infrastructure of the Internet and essential for CIRA to provide a robust, high-performance DNS that will ensure the availability of dot-ca domains to all Canadians.” CIRA will also serve on the BIND 10 steering committee, working with ISC and other industry sponsors to ensure it will serve the needs of the diverse Internet community, says CIRA. Click here for more information.

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