Gate To Wire running with FMI platform

Toronto-based Gate To Wire Solutions Inc. engages Function Mobile Inc. (FMI) to develop an interactive short-message-service (SMS) platform for horseracing and pari-mutuel wagering markets in Latin America. The company says FMI, which has offices in Toronto and Peru, will “exclusively develop a comprehensive suite of SMS wagering products and horseracing-based games on behalf of, and in conjunction with, Gate To Wire” for an undisclosed sum. “Text messaging continues to grow worldwide, but its growth is particularly strong in Latin America and provides an excellent platform for our pari-mutuel products…” says Ted Boyle, president of Gate To Wire. “Not only are they developing great technology for us, but they also have key telecom relationships that are central to getting our wagering applications and games out there.” Under the agreement, Gate To Wire will implement the SMS platform, providing interface and interconnectivity to a tote system and wagering hub, while FMI will supply technical support and services for the platform.

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