MOSAID signs new agreement, extends one, terminates third

OTTAWA – IP licencer MOSAID Technologies Inc. grants a patent licence extension to semiconductor firm NXP B.V., and signs a Mosaid-logo-98X64.JPGfive-year running royalty agreement with an unidentified wireless networking equipment provider in the US. The deal with NXP adds another five years to the Dutch company’s licence for embedded DRAM technology, amending a previous five-year agreement MOSAID signed with NXP parent Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. in 2004. The Ottawa company also signs a five-year wireless patent licence agreement with a US-based maker of enterprise wireless local area network equipment. “The new wireless agreement – our sixth deal since acquiring this valuable portfolio of intellectual property two years ago – shows that our wireless patents are essential to a broad range of Wi-Fi enabled products, including handsets, enterprise and consumer networking equipment, as well as laptops,” says John Lindgren, MOSAID president and CEO. Meanwhile, the company terminates its six-year licence deal for DRAM patents signed in 2006 with Qimonda AG, which has entered bankruptcy protection. The company expects a “materially adverse impact” due to the failure of the German company, which used to provide more than 10% of MOSAID’s consolidated revenues.

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