JDSU protecting legacy for "The Greatest"

All but knocked out in the nation’s capital, former local optical technology muhammad-ali88X122.jpgheavyweight JDSU fights on in Milipitas, Calif., signing a supply deal with Muhammad Ali Enterprises LLC for authentication solutions. MAE, merchandiser and keeper of the champ’s likeness and legacy, will use a range of JDSU authentication solutions custom designed for the product licencer, including holographic authentication devices, to identify authorized products, limit product overruns and ensure correct royalty payments. “JDSU is honoured to launch our licensing business with MAE,” says the company’s Adam Scheer. “Muhammad Ali is recognized as a champion all over the world and JDSU is committed to providing a customized authentication program that protects his legacy.” Known by its full name JDS Uniphase when it maintained one of two headquarters and major manufacturing operations in Ottawa, JDSU now employs about 7% of its personnel in the capital and has seen its global workforce reduced by roughly 25,000 employees from a high of 29,000 in 2001.

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