One Change honoured by Energy Star

OTTAWA – How many enviro-minded organizations does it take to change a light bulb? One. Or, to name the organization, One Change, which has been named Energy Star Advocate of the Year by Natural Resources Canada for literally putting two million energy-efficient light bulbs in the hands of people across North America.
One%20Change117X33.jpgWhen the grassroots non-profit went looking for a green bulb to distribute for its flagship campaign Project Porchlight, it chose compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs approved by Energy Star. Found internationally on consumer products with top energy ratings, the Energy Star seal is an assurance of high efficiency and premium quality. Its use in Canada is overseen by NRCan’s Office of Energy Efficiency.
“Energy Star is an important partner for us as we assert the value and importance of simple actions like changing light bulbs and replacing outdated appliances,” says Stuart Hickox, founder and exec. director of One Change. “By distributing only Energy Star-qualified CFL bulbs for all our Project Porchlight campaigns, we can ensure that we’re offering high-quality products containing very little mercury.”
Though largely known for Porchlight, One Change is about more than light bulbs. The company is currently gearing up for a campaign aimed at helping drivers increase fuel efficiency, thereby saving them money and, at the same time, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. It will be a homecoming of sorts for the organization, which, after hundreds of campaigns throughout Canada and the US, will kick-off project Fuel Pilot in Ottawa this summer, the same place where Project Porchlight began five years ago.

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