Ontario funding Guelph U. research

GUELPH – Queen's Park is investing $3.2 million to support two projects at the University of University_of_Guelph-cropped.gifGuelph. One, led by Dr. Steven Rothstein, will receive close to $2.8 million to find greener ways to grow corn by using less fertilizers and water while producing greater yields. Ontario_gov.-cropped.gifMeanwhile, Dr. Paul Hebert will receive $400,000 for new research on the International Barcode of Life project, which is making use of next-generation DNA sequencing equipment to survey and help protect bio-diversity around the world. With this investment, the province has now provided over $1.5 million to support Dr. Hebert’s work.
Click here to learn more about Dr. Rothstein and his work.
Click here for more information about the International Barcode of Life.

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