Ontario investing in genomics with new fund

The provincial government is dangling a $100-million lure dubbed the Global Leadership Round in Genomics and Life Sciences to attract top genomics researchers to Ontario. To do so, the new fund will support “globally-significant” Ontario-Ontario119X35.gifbased research projects and create high-skilled jobs in research and technology, says the province. Genomics and gene-related research address medical questions such as better treatment, prevention and cures for conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The fund will also support innovation in agriculture, environmental protection and clean technologies. “At a time when economic challenges are tempting some governments to scale back on their innovation spending, Ontario is more committed than ever to its vision of global leadership through collaboration,” says John Wilkinson, minister of research and innovation. “New discoveries and breakthroughs will continue to be made – and we want those people, those ideas, and those jobs right here in Ontario.”

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