COM DEV establishes maritime services division

CAMBRIDGE, ON – COM DEV International Ltd. launches exactEarth Ltd., COM_DEV-cropped.JPGa subsidiary that will offer advanced space-based automatic identification system (AIS-S) data services to authorized maritime authorities around the world. Located at COM DEV headquarters in Cambridge, exactEarth will launch its first three AIS microsatellites later this year, providing enhanced AIS-S services to up to 70,000 vessels worldwide currently using compatible transmitters. The new satellite-based technology will allow authorities to identify ships beyond the 50 nautical miles they were limited to with terrestrial-based receivers, which are hindered by the curvature of Earth.
“Our message today is that exactEarth is committed to becoming the world’s premier provider of space-based AIS data, and we are now open for business,” says exactEarth president Peter Mabson. “We have spent five years developing, testing and validating an advanced AIS-S technology that we believe outperforms any other known system.” Click here for more information.

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