ICT champion Parsonage joins OCE

TORONTO – Keith Parsonage is named managing director of the Centre for Communications and Information Technology at Parsonage%2C%20Keith81X116.jpgresearch commercialization engine Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE). Mr. Parsonage was for ten years the director general of the information and communications technologies (ICT) branch at Industry Canada. His numerous efforts to advance the ICT industry in Canada include his playing a key role in managing the CANARIE program, Canada’s advanced optical network organization, and PRECARN, which supports the pre-commercial development of leading-edge technologies.
“Keith is known across the country for getting results,” says OCE president and CEO Mark Romoff. “CCIT will benefit enormously from his extensive experience in the public and private sector as well as his tireless determination to see Canada recognized at home and abroad as a leading innovator of OCE_newlogoJPG160X55.jpginformation and communications technologies.” Ontario is Canada’s leader in ICT, accounting for half of the country’s ICT activity and the majority of its research and development. Mr. Parsonage will work from OCE’s Ottawa office, where he will provide senior leadership for OCE in the capital region.
“I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the finest and brightest people and companies in Canada over the years. I’ve literally watched as Canada became ‘wired’ and I bring the value of those observations and experiences to OCE,” says Mr. Parsonage. “Despite the recent economic challenges, the ICT sector continues to experience steady growth. I wanted to be at the forefront of supporting the development of exciting new Ontario-based ICT technologies, and with OCE I find myself riding the crest of the wave. It’s phenomenal.”

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