Iogen biofuel from wheat straw first to pumps

OTTAWA – A partnership between Iogen Corp. and Royal Dutch Shell results in gasoline mixed with biofuel made from wheat straw commercially available in Ottawa, marking the first time the blend has been sold at the pumps Iogen-logo-72X92.JPGanywhere in the world. In a trial run, the petroleum giant is offering gasoline containing 10% cellulosic ethanol at a Shell station in the capital. The biofuel is produced locally at Iogen’s demonstration plant, which is turning out some 40,000 litres a month. Unlike other biofuels currently on the market, Iogen’s product is derived from non-edible materials and therefore doesn’t raise the kind of controversy associated with ethanol made from potential food sources like corn or grain. Like ethanol, however, it produces significantly less C02 than gasoline – up to 90% less. Last fall, Iogen made its first delivery (100,000 litres) of biofuel to Shell, which has a 50% stake in the biotech company. Click here for more information.

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