Lazaridis’ donations to quantum institute top $101 million

uWaterloo-logo75X56.jpgIQCLogo122X42.jpgWATERLOO – The Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo receives an additional $25 million donation from Mike and Ophelia Lazaridis, who have now given the centre a total of $101 million. IQC has been the beneficiary of sizeable private and government largesse in recent months, receiving $50 million from each of the federal and provincial governments, as well as an earlier gift of $76 million from the Research In Motion co-CEO and his wife, a member of the university’s board of governors. With the new top-up dollars, the pair enters a select group of Canadian philanthropists who have given more than $100 million to fund post-secondary institutions in this country. Their donations have to date been used to finance a major portion of the construction of IQC’s Quantum-Nano Centre, a research chair in quantum computing, and international graduate fellowships, helping “launch IQC into the forefront of quantum information processing research,” says uWaterloo president David Johnston.

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