TurboSonic receives order for new CGT technology

WATERLOO – TurboSonic Technologies Inc. receives a US$4-million order for clean air technology from Uniboard, which TurboSonic-logo80X88.jpgwill use the equipment at its new fiberboard facility. TurboSonic says it will design and install its patent-pending catalytic gas treatment (CGT) technology for the customer, a subsidiary of German conglomerate Pfleiderer Group, operator of 22 engineered wood plants worldwide. CGT uses a “green” catalytic process to destroy the volatile organic compounds (VOC) produced by Uniboard’s processes. Unlike conventional removal methods that require burning the compounds, CGT manages the task without producing harmful, combustion-related greenhouse gases and smog-producing nitrogen oxides. Says Edward Spink, TurboSonic CEO: “We believe that these installations will qualify for carbon credits under the proposed US cap-and-trade regulations. When combined with the return on investment created from fuel savings, we believe the payback on CGT projects in wood products and many other industries requiring VOC control will be very attractive. In contrast to carbon sequestration, which typically focuses on the capture, use, or storage of CO2, this CGT technology avoids CO2 creation in the first place, which is a much more desirable, cost-effective solution.”

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