R&D firm launches in Waterloo

GABAE-cropped.gifGABAE Development completes renovation at its new, cutting-edge lab in Waterloo and opens for business. The multi-purpose, 20,000 sq. ft. facility on Bathurst Dr. comprises a chemical synthesis laboratory, mechanical engineering center, multi-purpose wet-labs, and electronics and software development centre, among other resources. The R&D firm, which also has operations in Dallas, develops both in-house and “on-demand” technologies for clients. It is also a business resource, with venture capital and support services at its two locations. In its own words, “GABAE is involved in projects of high economic potential and often involving a complex combination of scientific and management skills. GABAE, which has put six million dollars into the project, also drew assistance for the undertaking from both Ontario and the federal government. The firm says it expects to be employing 50 staff and 20 co-op students at the new lab by the end of the year.

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