Nortel’s traincom biz keeps chugging along

TORONTO – It’s business as usual at the GSM-R division of moribund Nortel as it receives an order Nortel-114X29.JPGfrom Czech Railways for technology to provide digital wireless train communication along a 207 km Czech section of corridor between Austria and Poland, extending a supply and deployment contract that began in June and is scheduled to be completed at the end of the year. “Railway technology is developing at a fast pace. Higher train speeds and more demanding security regulations make it necessary to implement reliable and trusted new communication systems across railway networks,” says Cy Busslinger, Austria country manager for Nortel. Nortel’s GSM-R solution, which includes such capabilities as conference calling and network interoperability, will allow Czech Railway to reduce costs, increase safety and reduce travel times, according to the company. Click here for more information.

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