Livestream shrinks the broadcast truck

Saunders-45X64.JPGPosted by Alec Saunders
The democratization of the news took another step forward yesterday when Livestream announced Livepack. A backpack sized turnkey hardware solution that marries HD video to six load-balanced 3G modems with encoding hardware and 30 hours of uplink time per month, this solution promises to replace the ubiquitous broadcast truck with something a single person can carry.
The price? $2500 per month, or $1500 per month on a 12 month commitment. When compared to a $50,000 per day satellite truck, however, that’s nothing.
Perhaps more interesting to me, however, is the way in which this technology might disrupt the broadcast industry. Think of how tiny form factor hard disks changed the computer industry, and then imagine the potential of being able to broadcast HD video from anywhere, without a crew, and without masses of equipment. The paparazzi will have a field day, no doubt, but what will this do to political reporting, the enterprise (portable telepresence anyone?), and sports? What new venues will we see video journalists reporting from? And how will the citizen journalism movement adopt these technologies?

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