Startup boot camp coming to Ottawa

OTTAWA — A startup boot camp with a $5,000 prize is being organized for Oct. 23-25 by The Ottawa Network.
The event is planned to bring together entrepreneurs and talent from Ottawa's tech sector to collaborate on new ventures. At the end of three days of team building, project design and business planning, judges will award the best startup proposal $5,000 for initial costs, including incorporation which must be accomplished within 45 days.
"Many successful ventures start with great teams," TON writes in its literature on the event, "and this venue will broaden your exposure to like-minded and capable potential partners with complimentary (sic) skills. You will be in “startup mode” for the entire weekend – it may not be for everyone – and this will be a great test of how well it suits you. Naturally, the mix of attendees, innovative ideas brought forward, event guidance skills and everyone’s effort and interest will determine the outcomes.
"The event will place 75-100 people into functional business teams around ideas for businesses. The participants, composed of developers, business managers, start-up enthusiasts, marketing gurus, accountants, lawyers, graphic artists and other roles will work together during the week end. At the end of 54 hours, they will have turned a business idea into a business plan ready to start on the Monday. A review panel at the end of Sunday’s presentation’s will determine which of the opportunities is the best developed and award a prize of $5,000 as the first seed money to start the business (e.g. incorporation costs, start a website, etc.)." Click here for more information.

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