Virgo's first VON a solid outing

Saunders-45X64.JPGPosted by Alec Saunders
I’ve been at the VON show in Miami Beach the last couple of days. This has been the first VON since the show was acquired out of bankruptcy by Virgo Publishing. This VON lacks the panache of VON founder Jeff Pulver. Attendance, at 3,000, was lower than in the past, and the exhibit hall smaller – a reflection no doubt of the economy and the fact that others have moved to fill the gap left when VON disappeared 18 months ago. Nevertheless, Virgo has done a credible job of resurrecting the VON assets, and it’s good to see VON back.
One welcome addition to the VON formula is Virgo’s undeniable strength in publishing. The show daily, for example, includes well written pieces on upcoming panels like the one I hosted today. In addition, editor Richard Martin’s daily VON newsletter delivers a quick summary in email of all that’s happening in the VoIP industry. It’s become a daily read for me.
Finally, Virgo have overlapped the final day of VON with the 3 day Channel Partner’s conference. VON is about the technology and technology directions. Channel Partners is about the business of selling, installing, and maintaining telecom products.
When asked, one exhibitor that I spoke with said traffic was low, but the quality of the attendees and meetings he was having were high. I’d concur. The first VON under new management was a quality, if low key, affair.

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