A brief comment on the state of climate science, worth watching

Hamilton%2C%20Tyler45X64.jpgPosted by Tyler Hamilton

The video here is of John Holdren, science and technology advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama. He’s also director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. His message, summarized in the statement below as part of testimony Wednesday to a Congressional committee, is both powerful and disturbing: “In my judgement, and that of the great majority of other scientists who have seriously studied this matter, the current state of knowledge about it, even though incomplete, as science always is, and even though controversial in some details, as science almost always is, is sufficient to make clear that failure to act promptly to reduce global emissions to the atmosphere of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping substances is overwhelmingly likely to lead to changes in climate too extreme and too damaging to be adequately addressed by any adaptation measures that can be foreseen.” I urge you to watch the full video, which is about 6.5 minutes long.

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