The NFB's open access success story

Geist-45X64.jpgPosted by Michael Geist
The National Film Board of Canada last week (Jan. 21) marked the one-year anniversary of the NFB Screening Room, an online site that opened the NFB to the world. The NFP has worked hard to make its work openly and freely available - open access to films, open source software underlying its site. A year later, the statistics tell the story:
3,000 film views per day in January 2009; over 20,000 film views per day in January 2010
500 films in January 2009; nearly 1,500 films in January 2010
3.7 million online film views in the past year
363,000 film views on the iPhone in Canada with another 120,000 film views internationally
It's a great achievement and validation of the benefits from openness. For those that have not visited the site, I've embedded Rip! The Remix Manifesto, the award-winning documentary on copyright, culture, and remix in streaming HD below.

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