Always on my mind Nov. 22

Tennis%20August%2016%2C%202009%20057Mugshot400X400.jpg By Tony Patterson

I had just finished lunch at Mother Martin's and was heading to the studio when Pol, the manager, caught up to me at the door. "President Kennedy has been shot," he said. I went into the bar. The TV set was on. The afternoon was a blur but I knew I'd still have to get to the television studio. We were going live at five with the inaugural edition of a new public affairs show called Projection. I was the researcher, writer, interviewer and host for the program. Of course there would be no Projection that night. CBC-Montreal, the whole network and every other network in North America were tuned to only one cataclysmic event. But we had the studio booked and in the-show-must-go-on tradition we did our half hour to kine, which rolled the following week. It was my first appearance in a series that would change my family's life in significant ways. This was more than fifty years ago, remember. I remember the day very well. But I have no memory at all of what that first show was about.

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